Pave the Way provides expert concrete paving installation and repair to clients in the state of Kansas, as well as parts of Oklahoma and Missouri. Our highly trained technicians work around the clock to satisfy both your requirements and your budget. We can handle any commercial or industrial concrete flatwork project, including flumes, sidewalks, steps, curbing, parking lots, and ADA-compliant ramps. For the residential client, we offer decorative stamped concrete, garage floors, and outbuilding slabs.

Concrete Installation

Sturdier and more durable than asphalt, concrete offers a number of unique advantages to homeowners and businesses alike. A concrete installation can easily last 50+ years, given regular maintenance. Various finishing options are also available, including staining, etching, and colorizing a concrete surface. Concrete installation, however, is a demanding process. Qualified specialists, such as those working here at Pave the Way, are required to get the job done correctly.

Concrete Repair

Concrete paving, while more resilient than asphalt, is still not entirely immune to degradation. Freezing temperatures, in particular, can cause concrete surfaces to crack, necessitating repairs. But concrete repair, because of the nature of the material, is more difficult and expensive than simply patching up asphalt. Only concrete repair specialists can provide this service in an efficient and timely manner. If having trouble with your concrete surface, contact Pave the Way today to discuss possible solutions.

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