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    Parking Lot Maintenance Contractor: How to Choose One

    Kansas businesses need strong and secure parking lots to provide a place for their customers to park every time they visit. Asphalt is a common parking lot material in Kansas due to its durability and low cost. If you have an asphalt driveway, you may need to get regular parking lot maintenance to avoid damage.

    Thankfully, a good parking lot maintenance contractor can provide you with this help and keep your lot in strong shape. The following four services are just a few of the ways that your contractor can keep your lot strong and provide the long-term support that you need for this concerning issue.

    Parking Lot Sweeping

    While you might not think of sweeping as an obvious type of parking lot maintenance, it can be surprisingly beneficial in many ways. First, a high-quality sweeping can get dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris off of your parking lot. This factor is beneficial because these items can end up building unexpectedly over time and causing serious complications with your surface.

    Can you sweep your parking lot yourself and get the same benefit? Maybe but think about it in this term: if your parking lot is several hundred square feet, you’re going to be sweeping a lot of areas yourself or getting your employees to take that step for you. Is that a good use of your time? Probably not: and you’re likely to do anywhere near as good of a job as you would if you hired a professional.

    That’s because a parking lot maintenance contractor will utilize a high-powered, automatic sweeping machine truck that uses concentrated pressure and various sweeping tools to break apart these issues. They typically go across your whole pavement surface, focusing on areas where growth or other issues may be more concentrated and taking the time to ensure you get the best possible results.

    Sealcoating Every Few Years

    Have you ever paid to get your driveway sealcoated? If your business has installed a parking lot at any point, there’s a good chance that you’ve also had some sealcoating done. This process is something you do about 90 days after your parking lot is fully sealed and hardened and is a common parking lot maintenance type to do for years after your parking lot is properly installed.

    However, have you gotten your parking lot repaired or maintained after this process? For example, many people may not realize that you shouldn’t sealcoat your parking lot every year. There are a few reasons for that. Too much sealcoating may just result in damage, causing more serious problems than if you’d just have left the driveway untouched.

    So, when should you install a new sealcoat on your driveway? We strongly recommend doing it at least once every 2-3 years. Three years is the maximum waiting time and is common in areas without a lot of snow or wear and tear issues. Many Kansas businesses need to get a sealcoating every two years, due to our heavy influx of snow, rain, and freezing temperatures.

    Patching and Repairs

    What happens when you go over your parking lot and find a variety of potholes, cracks, and other common issues? You’re going to need parking lot maintenance to manage this problem. A high-quality team of repair experts can visit your facility and provide the patching and repairs that you need to keep your parking lot as strong as possible for your needs as a business.

    Typically, repair experts start with simple patches that repair surface damage that may rapidly spread throughout various parts of your parking lot. These patches provide a short-term solution that can minimize your expenses and ensure you get these concerns fixed ASAP. Just as importantly, more long-term repairs (such as replacing damaged asphalt areas or improving subsurface protection) may also help.

    Thankfully, a skilled parking lot maintenance contractor can help you out here by providing the long-term repairs that your parking lot needs. For example, they can patch many commonly damaged areas and ensure that they don’t worsen. They can then do repair and replacement procedures, as necessary, to give your driveway the long-term protection that you want and deserve for your needs.

    Speed Bump and Structural Maintenance

    Lastly, you might need parking lot maintenance when you run into problems with your speed bumps or other types of structural elements within your parking lot. Speed bumps, bumpers, and other protective factors keep your parking lot strong and minimize the risk of serious damage. Thankfully, a repair and maintenance team can help you out and ensure that you don’t experience any issues.

    This type of maintenance can include carefully repairing any damaged areas, such as putting in new asphalt pavement throughout the lot. You may also need to replace many types of pavement, as well, taking the time to replace a small portion or all of your parking lot. The ultimate result here will vary depending on your situation and the damage severity on your parking lot.

    This type of protection is more important than you might realize. For example, without speed bumps, impatient drivers may make your parking lot a dangerous site. Other drivers may even potentially impact your building by hopping your building, protecting bumpers when they’re not big enough. With this type of maintenance, you can prevent serious long-term issues and keep your facility safe.

    Keep Your Parking Lot in Great Shape

    Are you ready to get the best parking lot maintenance in Kansas? It is important to seek out a repair team who fully understands this situation. By knowing exactly what to expect with us at Pave the Way in Kansas, you should get the help that you need to avoid serious long-term issues.

    Our professionals are fully trained to work as parking lot maintenance contractor experts who understand your needs. Make sure that you reach out to us if you run into any of these issues and talk to our trustworthy team. They love Kansas and will do what they can to help businesses thrive.

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