Paving work can be a significant investment, and you owe it to yourself to keep that investment protected. Whether you’ve just had a concrete patio poured or asphalt parking lot installed, routine maintenance is your best bet. Let our experts periodically assess your surface and keep costly problems from developing!


As a preventative measure, regular sealcoating comes highly recommended for any kind of asphalt surface subject to wear and tear. A fresh layer of sealant will not only make your asphalt look good as new – it will provide the necessary protection from damage. While sealcoating itself is not enough to repair a heavily damaged spot, it is a quick and easy fix to isolate the entire surface and keep problems from spreading.

Pothole Patching

Potholes are possibly the most common paving problem, and patching is a much-needed part of asphalt repairs. However, pothole patching also has a preventative function. When repairs are combined with preservative treatment, patching can not only resolidify your pavement structure but also keep it solid for extended periods of time!

Striping and Sweeping

Parking lot see their lifespan significantly increased through regular cleaning and maintenance procedures. Appropriate striping and regular sweeping of the paved surface is what it takes to keep it clear of debris and in safe driving condition. There’s no simpler method of preventing costly repairs down the road!

Power Washing

Another aspect of maintaining large asphalt or concrete surfaces, power washing is another way to keep a parking lot in working condition. High-pressure streams of water can quickly and effectively do away with gas and oil spills, as well as any other potentially hazardous materials. Extend the lifespan of your surface and leave a better impression on your customers!

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