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    The Best Asphalt Paving and Repair in Kansas and How to Get It

    Asphalt paving provides Kansas homeowners with a strong and secure surface that will last for decades if properly maintained. However, issues with asphalt paving may occur over time and cause a high need for high-quality asphalt paving and repair in Kansas to keep your driveway strong.

    Here’s what you need to know about this situation, including common asphalt problems and repair options you may consider. Understanding these options may give you the best chance of handling these issues before they heavily impact you and cause long-term complications and issues.

    Common Problems With Asphalt Paving

    Over the years, your asphalt may experience various wear-and-tear issues that may develop slowly or quickly, depending on the severity of each of these problems. Managing them may require identifying the best asphalt paving and repair for Kansas driveways, particularly those with conditions that contribute to serious pavement problems. These issues are outlined below.

    Potholes and Blowouts

    Most people probably know potholes all too well. These issues occur when the area beneath the asphalt is compromised and ends up failing. This triggers a depression in the pavement that may deepen and worsen. For example, a blowout may occur and cause serious issues with your asphalt.

    Blowouts are very large potholes that spread far across your pavement surface and make it very rough. Some people see these blowouts across multiple areas of their asphalt and need professional help to ensure that these blowouts get properly repaired and minimized ASAP.

    Multiple Crack Types

    Cracks across asphalt surfaces can trigger many different problems. For example, fatigue cracks typically occur through water damage or a poorly installed subsurface across your asphalt pavement. They look like spiderwebs and can be shockingly widespread across your surface.

    Reflection cracks may develop during repairs and reflect the original damage just below the asphalt’s surface. Other crack types include block cracks (randomly arranged linear cracks), root cracks (large bumps caused by tree roots), and linear cracks (long cracks caused by water penetration).


    While similar to potholes, sinkholes are much worse. They occur when the subsurface is completely eroded and can cause heavy holes throughout the pavement surface. They almost always worsen with time and can combine with potholes, cracks, and other damage types to worsen.

    As a result, this type of problem is something that needs to be managed immediately to avoid serious concerns. If not, there’s a good chance that total pavement replacement may be necessary. For those trying to cut back on their paving maintenance costs, it is vital to avoid this issue.

    Rutting and Raveling

    Somewhat similar problems, both rutting and raveling may be provoked by similar causes. Ruts typically occur due to heavy vehicle traffic and take the shape and direction of commonly driven areas. They develop when the pavement is weak and if you tend to drive or park in the same areas.

    Raveling occurs when the asphalt surface is oxidized due to various issues and causes the asphalt gravel to spread and loosen. Raveling may increase your risk of rutting and can even cause various cracks and other troubles that must be handled ASAP to avoid serious concerns.

    Other Common Concerns

    Asphalt may also experience other damage types that may worsen heavily over time. For example, shaving typically occurs when heavy vehicles stop and start, causing stress and bumps in these areas. Upheaval is a similar area of raised, broken asphalt caused by underlying subsurface swelling.

    Peeling includes dried-out pavement that peels away from the sub-layer of the asphalt, revealing an undersurface that may end up getting severely damaged. This situation may require asphalt paving and repair in Kansas to ensure that you don’t run into any more complicating issues.

    How Maintenance and Repair Can Help

    If you notice any of these common problems with your driveway and you’re concerned about how to handle them, there are many steps that you can take to handle this issue. The following asphalt paving and repair options are all great choices for people who are struggling with this situation:

    • Prevention: You know what the old saying says? “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of repair.” Suppose you take the time to prevent these issues by providing sealcoating, proper subsurface repair, and cleaning your pavement surface to keep it from getting moldy.
    • Maintenance: Regular maintenance steps with a professional asphalt repair crew should help to minimize this problem. For example, your crew can spot early warning signs of potential asphalt damage and provide maintenance steps that keep it stronger and more secure.
    • Patching: Professional asphalt patching can repair minor problems and keep your asphalt from worsening. Patching should rarely be considered a long-term repair, though, as it typically works like a bandage does on a wound and stops worsening issues without fixing them for good.
    • Professional Repairs: When patching does not handle your problem or if it worsens with time, you may need to get professional help. These experts can fix common and long-term problems and also replace any asphalt that may be too damaged to fix. Total driveway replacement may be necessary.

    By paying close attention to these asphalt paving and repair issues in and around your Kansas home, you should give yourself the best chance of keeping your driveway safe and secure. Just as importantly, you can do what is necessary to properly manage these problems and improve your home’s overall safety.

    Help is Available

    Kansas homeowners may find these problems developing during the cold, freezing temperatures of winter, which may be very frustrating. Asphalt paving and repair may be trickier during these months but is possible, which is very important for those experiencing these common problems.

    Thankfully, proper prevention can minimize these dangers and ensure that you keep your driveway safe. Talk to an asphalt professional you can trust to handle these steps, work directly with them to identify these problems, trace them to their root (which may be literally tree roots!) and fix them ASAP.

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